Friday, 19 December 2008

Last nights training

So here is last nights course (well one of them). The dotted line is the ideal handlers path (note the little circle by 6, 7, 8, 9 is a front cross not a blind turn). Needless to say everybody did a great job of it (even Nancy! he he, after a lot of complaining! (not naughty Niamh, Naughty Nancy! )

No body got away with coming inside the jump between 13 and 14, the layering was very successful a great confidence boost.

We had a lot of fun with this course, and then did........(keep up with this....)

(south) Tunnel

Dog walk

wrong end of tunnel (North tunnel)

Dog walk

wrong end of tunnel (South T)

Dog walk

(north) tunnel

A frame

Then sending into...

(south) tunnel

This was a really good for some quick releases on contacts, and quick directionals to get them into the right end of the tunnel. We mixed the contacts up IE wide contacts, quick releases, stops etc which kept the dogs focused on what the handler was asking.

So that was the last lesson of 2008.......Roll on 2009

I would like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of all my clubs members.....Many of them are doing agility for a bit of fun, and then I have the real die hards, but ALL of them are helpful, willing and a really nice bunch. Many of them have achieved their personal goals for this year (which Wendy and I'm very proud about) and a few have done better than that......

I believe we have

at Olympia:

Nancy and Niamh

Leah and Herbie

at Crufts:

Wendy and Cruise

Jan and Teasel

Debbie and Scooby

Leah and Herbie

Not so shabby for a small club. Thanks to all that make it happen x


Hudsondoglets said...

Thank you for the wonderful training even if it has nearly killed me!

What time are we leaving in the morning, 7.30 am wasn't it ;)

Char said...

Good luck for tomorrow :) x

Val said...

First of all Leah good luck on Saturday. Secondly, thanks to one of your exercises I found on Paula's blog a while back I have been able to really practice my reverse turns. Last Sunday an agility course was full of them and little Pheebs came 4th.

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