Tuesday, 16 February 2010


When I got off the plane Jay was ready and waiting so we jumped in the car and hauled arse to Wales to pick up my dogs! Firstly thank you Nat for having all of them and doing such a great job with them! (and Sam I should say or I get told off!!!!)
The Next day Nat's mum and sister were down so we all went to the beach. Here are so pics off our lovely walk......Please note how photo genic Teek is and how non photo genic Theory is!!!!!


What can I say, I was so lucky to go on this holiday. I went with my mum, my sister and my gran. The reason we went was to take my gran to see her sisters who she thought she'd never get to see again. So once we got to Palm Springs we dropped her off with her sisters and then mum, Hannah and I got up to the following! Thank you mum it really was a I once in a life time experience!!!!!

Whale watching in San Diego:
We saw Grey whales, it was sooooo cool! Also saw dolphins and sea lions as well as lots of pelicans!

An Indian reservation we walked round:

Going up the Mountain on the Tram:
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Home : extremely scary!!!!! (Mum and Hannah did not make the snow man, they just found it and pretended it was thiers!) So that day it was 68 c in the desert and -2.2 c up the mountain with 4 1/2 ft of snow!

Springs: These pictures are from the morning walks that mum and I would take:

This is a house in the foothills that I fell in love with......

We went to a Grand Prix show jumping, and managed to blag VIP passes.

A national park we went for a walk in morongo Valley:

Mum, Hannah and myself.

The wolf sanctuary:
We were very lucky to be taken in with some of the packs of wolves. The young black wolf took a real shinning to be and made a huge fuss about being petted.

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks