Monday, 24 January 2011


Well this is my accidental foster dog, he is just so lovely, if anybody knows of a good home for him please get in contact.....Oakley is a bit of a super star, he is badly emaciated, his face has wire scars across it yet he still totally loves and adores everybody and everything. He walked into my house and greeted all my dogs so beautifully. It is very clear that he has NEVER been in a house before and at first was terrified by the TV but now is sitting watching it. He is super quick to learn thing with a clicker and is very trainable. His recall is already starting to come and if he is treated as a puppy and let out on regular intervals he is perfect. He is only 3 years old and is ready and willing to learn. Unlike most of the Kelpies I meet he is very trainable and eager to learn but without the manicness. He is currently living with a mixture of dogs and bitches, young and old, large and small and is perfect with all. I am fostering him for Many Tears Rescue..... if anybody wanted to rescue him (and everybody should as he is so cool!) they should go on to and fill in the form under his posting.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2011-Nearly a Year late in posting....

Well all I can say is what a weired year!

In April an incident happened that scarred Herbie so much that I could not get him back in the ring. Seeing my dog so terrified and his whole life collapsed around him just broke my heart.... to cut a long story short when it was getting no better by July I decided to retire Herbie, and with that died my enthusiasm for agility! After a long talk with my mum and a sever arse kicking she suggested that I go and see an acupuncturist with Herb-she was amazing after 4 sessions and a lot of help from my friends, Herb started to want to do agility again....................... the year for me and him then went as follows
August: 2 x3rd places in champs and 2nd in the Olympia qualifier
Sept:2nd in the eo qualifier and qualifying for Olympia
Dec: double clear at Olympia finishing 6th in an extremely fast line up to say I'm thrilled is an understatement!

This month we tried out for the World Open Agility to represent England and I'm very pleased to say that Herbie and I won the Pentathlon so will be representing England again in May!

Link continues to do agility and still loves it, although now at the grand age of 11.5 years i think he is slowing a tiny bit. This year I will monitor how it goes and probably drop him to one run a show....... we will see

Honestly Hex and I had a fretful year, my heart wasn't in it because of Herbie, and Hex needs 110% commitment, but despite all that he won his first grade 6 agility and also won rescue dog of the year which is nice as Herb had won it the previous 3 years. So I'm looking forward to a happy 2011 with Mr Merle!

Well the little man is now 14mths! Where the hell did that go? I have just started his training, he is great fun, if not a little tiring!!!! He has a huge chase drive so I have to work really hard at keeping his focus, but so far what he is doing is great. Seeing as I only have a photo from when he was 4mths old I thought I'd better upload a few more.......

learning to interact with objects
My stunning boy in the snow in Dec 2010

This mornings picture!
So from here on in I will try and be back up dating the blog, and keeping it up to date with how Theory's training is coming along!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks