Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Other news

Jay has decided to re-name the other kittens.....
So the ginger and white boy is now Sebastian, the twins are now Nugget and Cuddles. I will up date their pictures soon.

This weekend....

Jay and Stihl came 3rd in the Olympia qualifier, sadly only the top two get through, oh well here's to the next time.

I didn't really have my head on agility, which may explain my runs! But I believe that Herb and I got a Chum day (here's hoping).

A hard weekend

Well it's been a tough one. On Sunday I sadly lost Keith the kitten, she fought really hard, and we for her, but it wasn't to be. It felt like I had my heart pulled out and stomped on! It's really hard to loose your hand raises, as you spend so much time with them.

When I told my friend what had happened she text me back and said.......

"Please try not to cry, she was so special that god needed her back!" I thought that this was a very sweet way to put it.
I would like to say a special thank you to Jay, Jan, Nancy and Karren who spent a lot of time helping and comforting me this weekend, I really appreciate how special you all are!

Rest in peace my sweet girl.......(second from the left)

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Catch up time......

Well it's been a busy week, I've been at my mum's rescue helping.......Needless to say I didn't come away empty handed! So without any further a do let me introduce "The Prodigy" AKA Keith, Liam, Leeroy and Maxim (only problem being that we now think that the three completely ginger ones are GIRLS!!!!!) oh, well.
Left to right.... Liam, Leeroy, Keith and Maxim

So anyway the "band" have me up every two hours feeding, so to say I'm tiered is an understatement! They were between 6-12 hours old when they were brought into the rescue, and are now 6 days old. They were found on a builders merchants, under a pile of bricks they were moving. One was dead and the others were very cold! Sadly I don't know what happened to mum.


An enormous well done to Jay and Stihl who BLITZED grade 5 agility, and won by 2.5 seconds!! So into Grade 6 they go! xxx well done xxx

And just because I hadn't got a group shot of the dogs, I took one today.......
(Note the two naughties who have to be tied in position!! he he Hex and Stihl!)

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks