Tuesday, 22 July 2008

European Opens

Well it all came round so quickly.... Thursday arrived and Jay, Herbie and I set off to Dover to catch the bus. We caught the Ferry and then started to drive to Germany. We had a great laugh on the way there, and got to know everybody. On Friday we had a practice session at the venue. On the way there (as we were at a hotel 1 hour and 15 mins away!)the bus driver got lost a few times, and we arrived 2 hours later....
All the dogs worked so well in the practice session, and Andy and Greg helped format it, which was very useful! Later that day we did a parade of the countries.

The big day. The Individuals.....
The way they worked is a bit like a Champ class, an agility round and a jumping round, and then the top 3 from each country goes through to the final.
Herb did a fantastic jumping round and was one of two clears, but then we got E'd in the agility! I thought we had no hope of going through to the final, but due to the courses catching out a few people, and our first good round we scraped in!
Like a Champ you run in reverse order of how you qualify, I was running 3rd out of everybody!!!!

Herb ran brilliantly and then we waited........At the end we found out we came 2nd and had won the silver for Britain!!!!!!!!! Bernadette and Hex got Bronze in the smalls as well!!!!

Here is a video of the day....


Here is a Video of how it went....We ended up 16th overall (not too bad i think!)

Well done to Marc, Ant, Katie and Lee for winning Bronze in the teams!!!!!!

Here are some other peoples runs....
Ant and magic

Marc and dash

Katie and rocky

Lee and Jack

Dave and Dobby

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks