Saturday, 24 October 2009

Im sorry!!

Im so sorry to everyone that keeps moaning on at me for updating my blog (cough cough..).. I have been leading an extra busy life recently!!
As some of you will know for the last 3 weeks, I have been taken over by more little puppies, who from hours old I have hand raised, some who have been very strong fighters and a couple who have been a big fight to keep going. My little girl who is now called gift, broke her leg or what I think her other bruiser sibblings did, and from then on it has been a nightmare to keep a secure splint, support on her. One of my other girls also has a mystery deformety of what our vet thinks is a fungal infection to her nose, but with the medication she is now on we hope this will improve. Here
re are some pictures of, Gift, Goose, Gander, Gosh, Giddy and Gamble

This is my little girl, Gift!

This is my little white girl with the mystery nose, gamble!
This is the bruiser boy, once called Barry now called Goose.. specially for a certain someone! ;)

This is the little boy, who is now called Gosh!

This is our bruiser girl, now called Gander!

The girl to the right is our little pink spot girl, now called Giddy!

So there you go, they are the reason of my lack of postings recently.
Our agility season has finally come to the end bar the couple of winter day shows, Hex is now grade 6 and working really well, just a few things to work on over winter, Herbs has Olympia to train towards, and Linky ended the season with two grade 6 wins! wohoooo!!
I am up at Mums at the moment, whilst she is on holiday in America. The rescue is always a busy but VERY enjoyable place!!
I have Natalie up keeping me company and helping me with puppies and the rescue at the moment, and we have been playing agility so here are a couple of random pics we caught.

Good boy weave entries...

Kai and her crazzzzzy ears!!

We have been working on Hex's dog walk this week, and seeing different things that he enjoys using these to try imporve his speed over the dog walk especially the down plank, we have used stride regulators which has been helping to break his stride alot... and Also we have been trying to get him to play tuggy in his 2on2off position which previously he has found very difficult to do and hold his position, but we are getting there and just with this week, and dropping the dogwalk height down it has helped lots.
Barry came down to visit us for a lesson on Friday, and after his lesson very kindly as he stated 'coached' myself, Natalie and Liza for a good hour, which we all thoroughly enjoyed and it was so nice to finally have someone tell us what, how and why whilst we are up here!!
At the last show, whilst running herbie twisted his pelvis out, and after a very worrying time and been seen by Kate who did a brilliant job and Thank You soooo much Kate, he has had a 3 week rest and we brought him back out to work this week.. Natalie gave him a good run whilst I was running Hexy and he seems back right and fit. We have been doing general training with him but as Olympia bells ring, all focus is on the build up to olympia!
Wont leave it as long next time I promise!!!
Leah xxx


Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks