Thursday, 24 March 2011

theorys first agility clips 21 03 11

Start of the new season....

Mr Oakley went off to his new home on Sunday, it was sad to see him go, but at the same time nice that he didn't even look back, just jumped in the car with the kids like he'd always lived with them! Today Lena sent me this lovely letter........

Dear Leah

I am so sorry, I have kept meaning to email you, It was very rude of me and I hope you will accept my apology, I wanted to send you some pictures and I took some yesterday when we were out and then my battery went and then I could not find my charger.

Oakley, Oakley Oakley... Well when we left yours he was as good as gold, he sat all the way and he was just great, When we got home we took him for a walk at Lawns and he loved it, he did so well considering he was in a new place with new people. We did as we were told about the food and we have also got him to sit, he is such a clever boy.

We took Oakley up to Lydiard on Tuesday and discovered what an amazing jumper he is, Wow he is so fantastic and just amazing with the kids and other animals he is just great. Yesterday when went to Coate water for his evening walk there where also three of my other nieces who were dying to meet him and we walked for three hours, it was great, he just herded all the children around him and tired them all out... what a dog, Annabel also fell asleep on the sofa which was a first. I have to say he is so well behaved after his morning walk, we come home and he has a drink and he lets me get on with my work, he is just the best company ever and we just love him, We feel so lucky to have him and so I thank you very much.

Oakley is also great during the night, we bought him a basket, he has slept in it once, but he seems to prefer to stretch out on the carpet.

Really looking forward to Saturday when Annabel and I take him to agility, he is so clever and just such an enjoyment, he just great with my girls and all of us could not be happier, he is the best.

I am so sorry for being so rubbish at getting back to you, but Annabel talks of you often and has drawn a picture of you and Oakley, she thinks you and Jay are just great and I do agree with her.

When I sort my charger I will send you the pictures and I will keep you in touch with Oakley. I will also send you the lead back as I am getting Oakley a new one on Saturday. xxx

Loads of Love

Lena Megan Annabel

It's so nice hearing about your foster dogs as they become part of your family........ Have a happy life Mr oaks!

So finally thought i'd get some good training time with Theory and started doing some more with him, only to be hit with really bad flu! Poor Nancy and Bernadette have had it a lot worse than me, but mine was bad enough so god knows how they feel! So maybe it can all start again next week! lol

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