Monday, 22 June 2009

Mammoth catch up!!!

Right the mammoth catch up...............................

OMG, what a bad much to catch up on.
Right starting at Nottingham (it's as far back as I remember!!! lol) Herbie and I got reserve Champion there for the second year running. I have to say I so want to get a championship now, and to get another 2nd as well as a load of 3rds now it is feeling a bit more like we could achieve it. The only problem is that now it's a bit more realistic I'm so nervous when I get in the Championship Que, so I'm going to have to find away to settle my nerves. Any way somewhere there is a video of this but I've got to find which tape it went on to!

Next to Hinckley....New venue this year. It was nice except half way through Sat they started a lot of shooting. My dogs are normally fine with shooting as living in the country side there seems to be a lot, but this was in such quick succession that it was like fire works! Herbie went to pieces in the Champ Que, and I had to work really hard at keeping him with me, but still some how we made it to the final again. This was a big fast flowing course, not ideally suited to Herb, but we had a good crack at it and Stuart who was judging it later told me that I came 3rd (again!), but actually I was dead pleased with that as it was such a fast course.
Hexy was also a good boy coming second in a 3-5 Dog Vegas Agility (which is a qualifier for the dog vegas final in August), the top two qualify so that earnt us a place there, which I'm really pleased about as it was quite a tricky course, having to pull off tunnels and even having a "go round" to a flat weave entry. Any way here is the video of Hinckley......

Next on to Boot Camp:

I've had this idea banging around in my head for ages, it was some thing that I really wanted to do, so one day I approached Nancy about it and it took off from there!

We wanted everybody to go home tiered, for filled and happy and hopefully they did! Everybody told us how much they loved it and in fact everybody re-booked for next year (which is really nice!)
We were really lucky with the venue as it had showers, toilets, a club house and fantastic walking (for those who could still move at the end of the day!) see link below for pictures........

Thames was a weekend of nearlys! First I screwed up the champ cutting poor Herbie up so badly that he had no where to go but round the jump!!! Then Hex did a storming round in the Novice qualifier, the third to last obstacle was the see saw which he hearded..... it was gutting as I knew it was a great round. Hex did get a 5th in the 4-5 jumping which was quite a technical course....what a good boy! Then Kai and Hex did two stonking rounds in the pedigree pairs to come 2nd! Whoopie

On to the rescue dog finals 2009:
Herbie won this last year, which I'm really proud of as I work so hard to help the rescue here is what happened this year..........

Newton Heath: well I can honestly say I've never been more worried as Jay had his ABC semi finals in the evening. Sadly Stihl missed her weave entry meaning no ABC this year! They'll have to go for the senior instead!
Any way Charley was judging the champ, so i knew it would be fast and flowing (which it was), I, well Herbie and me both prefer twisty courses, they are much more up our street! But any way we produced 3 out of 3 clears and ended up 4th which I was really pleased with!

Hexy was amazing he came 2nd in the novice Olympia qualifier, which qualifies us for the semi in august/sept, and then he got 3rd in the 4-5 jumping and then won the 4-5 agility!!!!! What a good boy!!!!!

So until all the rest uploads here you go!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks