Thursday, 14 May 2009

Naughty Blogger!!!!!!

Well it has been quite a while.........

The babies have all grown up and flown the nest as such. I cried, no actually I sobbed when Alice left (quite uncontrollably!!!!! USELESS!!!!) They have all gone to amazing homes, and Ham and Alice I will see regularly, in fact I saw them both this weekend.

Ham has the most beautiful video that Nat made him......

and here are some updated picture of Alice...... Sadly I don't yet have an updated picture of Vixen.

Agility wise we're all ticking along....... Jay qualified Stihl for the ABC Olympia semi finals..... I can't tell you how proud of him I am. I know how much he wanted it, and they both did the most phenomenal round, beating two agility champions!!!!!

Herbie has now qualified for two days at the Olympia semi's as well, so that's great.

Hexy got a 2nd in 4 jumping and a 6th in 4-5 agility last week, which was brill, especially as he worked soooooo well (well on Sat any way).
On Sunday we had a slight melt down day, they still come! The grade 4 jumping was a series of horrible angles, and as soon as you put your dog over one thing you were fighting them off another, well needless to say this blew the little mans head (as it did quite a few!) after that his confidence was lost, so we worked on keeping him happy the rest of the day.

Other than this poor Wendy fell and smashed the cartilage i n her knee and is in a lot of pain. Therefore all our classes are off for the next few weeks. We all wish Wendy a speedy recovery!

Well done to all my friends who had an amazing weekend..... too many to remember, but especially, Karen and Todd, Bernadette and Zen, Andy and Kizzy, Elspeth and Jack, Dan and Tigg and not to mention the amazing Nat who not only got 4th in 7 jumping with Herbie, but also got Link round the most impossible 6-7 agility ever!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks