Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hex Pictures

Here are a few pictures that I took of Hex today....... Note how he is holding his tail! GOOD BOY!

My birthday!

Well yesterday was my birthday. It was fairly uneventful, oh except Jason waking me up at 5.45am to open pressy's (he is a big kid about things like that!!!!)

Hex bought me a new set of channel weaves (what a smart puppy!!!!) oh a nd a lovely card of a stunning Black and white collie, and inside it said something along the lines of..... Happy Birthday mum, as you've guessed it is me Hex! This card was meant to have a picture of me on the front, but because I am so ugly I kept breaking the camera! VERY FUNNY JASON!!!! Jay and my family got me a load of art stuff! My dad got me a tripod for my video camera, so I'm going to attempt to tape Hex this week at class (all on my own!) The rest of the day consisted of work, then cleaning the house, training, and then cooking dinner! Luck me!!!!

Jay has said I need to be ready to go out tonight though, so we will see what happens!

Well back to the puppies.......
Link and Herbie both competed at Mid Downs, it felt sooooooo amazing to have them back (then Herbie promptly cut his pad Sunday!!! BLESS HIM!), Link worked at his normal erratic pace, but is jumping better! Herbie was a star as normal, I need to get back into the groove with him, as I lost him on a turn or two! I also ran Mr Murphy at Mid Downs. We had 2/2 eliminations, BUT, he did get all his contacts nicely and he did two great waits! I had real fun with him (thanks Andy), but will really miss running him. Stihl was a star (even with my poor handling!) she came hme with a couple of good places.
Hex worked well in his lesson, but decided to "sheep" his tuggy instead of doing a wait, naughty boy. He is really nice as you can switch him from food to a toy and visa verse, which is much easier than having a dog that will only work for one or the other!

At Mid Downs I gave Karen her picture that she ordered of the lovely "Tinkerbell" (a kitten I hand raised, and she adopted!), it was really nice as she seemed very pleased with it! So anyway here it is........
Well as for the rest of the week, it's filled with teaching and cold weather I think.
Was meant to be camping this weekend, but it all looks too cold now! Hope that Herbie's foot is OK (touch wood it is looking good at the mo!)

Monday, 10 March 2008

The week....

Well as predicted it was a very busy week! Firstly my boys are up and running!!!!!! It is so great having them back! Scarily Link is just as silly and mad, and Herbie now squeals round an agility course (I do hope it was just initial excitement and not how he intends doing agility!!!)
Hex is still doing great! His wait has improved a lot, especially from doing the new set up, it stops all the fight to get him on side. His dog walk is coming on and is not bad considering he only does it once a week at his class, and on a rare occasion at Nancy's if we have a lesson. It is obviously still set at about 6 inches off the floor so there is a tiny slope in which he can run along. Still no video as Jay is so busy at work, which is a real pain as it is great to have a visual record of what he is doing. Will try and get one this week......

Murphy is still being a good boy, although gets more excited each week, and likes to test what he can get away with (which is NOTHING!) Really looking forward to Mid Downs now, hope I don't let him down!

Saturday I went to Crufts, mainly to watch Nancy (who was absolutely FAB!!!!)Did some shopping, bought Riot a really nice new collar (blingy!) and a couple of tops, it was a really nice day, but very long!

Sunday I had a grade 5-7 training day. I have posted below the course that I set....
We got lots done, they firstly ran the course, then we analysed problem areas, re-did the course a couple of times, worked on weave entries, obstacle discrimination, grid work, pull throughs and course walking! Everybody went home knackered, but with smiles on there faces!

The course.......

Monday, 3 March 2008

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!

Firstly fixed my camera! YIPPIE! Apparently you have to clean these things! oops.
So now I have video evidence of Mr Murphy being really quite good! I went to c-side on Sunday, took Murph and my dogs (to watch). Murphy was really good. I decided to do quite a lot of heal work and bits and bobs to "try" and keep him calm (well as much as he does calm), I was a bit worried he might look for mum and dad, but he didn't (Sorry Andy!) here he is. Oh and I would like to add i released him each time!!!!!

Murphy jumping......

Murphy Agility......

Stihl agility (4th).........

Shy agility (6th).......

Sharon and Chip (4th)

Link and Herbie

My boys are doing really well (although it scares me to say incase I'm jinxed), they are getting back into jumping fitness and are loving being able to do agility again. Link appears to have NO wait now, not that it was good before. Herbie appears to be a lot noisier, although I' hoping that this will stop once he believs he will get to do agility again!


Continues to be naughty, but does show improvment each day! Loved watching agility yesterday, although poor Tiggs nose stuffered (sorry Sharon!)


Hex is fab! I love doing bits with him so much. So he was not exactly what I envisaged owning (looks wise as i'm a black and white, long coat person!), but he exceeds my expectations daily! He is so smart and loves to play, so will try, and learn anything for his toy! I think he will be a very head strong dog if i'm not careful (he already is!).
There will be a new Vid shortly, as soon as I can get somebody to film him, as sadly Jay is stuck at work at the mo' because it is his busy period at work!

It'll be a busy week as I have a lot of work on at the mo', also a few private lessons. This weekend will be Crufts Sat, so Jay will be left holding the baby (well dogs) GOD HELP US ALL!
And Sunday I have a training day that I'm holding.
Then the following weekend the show season kicks off yippie! I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody, it seems like such a long time ago when I saw them all last.

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks