Thursday, 18 December 2008


OK so I have to admit I am "bricking it" now, never am good with finals, but hope that this is a good thing that will help??? My back is so painful today it is untrue and I've got 5 straight hours of teaching to do tonight! Oh well, can at least look forward to making Nancy RUN!!!!!!!

Tonight we are going for some FUN! Hopefully working on drive to and from contacts, really looking forward to teaching this.

Last weekend was great. I had my good friend Nat come and stay with her dog Kai..... We did a lot of training with the babies and took them out to their first full height shows.
Nancy very kindly let us go training with her at her house on Friday, we did some great exercises and I was very pleased with Hexy, he is such a different dog now days.
Many people who know me and Hex from day 1 will know how hard this little dog has been for me. He has had MANY aggression problems with both dogs and people, and has been very unpredictable. I think if he had gone to a different home, he may not be here today, as there had been many horrible incidents. Any way the up shot of this is that both me and the merley boy have finally created the "bond" that I am used to with my dogs. I do believe that agility has helped this a lot, but mainly I would like to thank Nancy who has NEVER stopped believing in me and him, and always remembers to tell me just what I need to hear when the times have been down..... So thank you Nancy!!! x

Anyway on Sat I ran Hex at my little show we held, he was really good....still isn't sure on the seesaw but it is coming!
Sunday we went to WAG and I suppose that this really was Hex's first big boy show. He was fantastic, the courses were really big (and I have to admit this scares me a bit as I loose touch with Hex), but he was amazing and just did it! No clears but I was so pleased with how he went!!
I will update with Videos soon. Nat's youngster Kai is amazing, she is soooooo fast and her contacts are stunning, can't wait to see her next year! We are also lucky enough to pairs with her in the new year, so the naughty babies will have a lot of fun.

Any way hopefully Nat will come and visit again soon, and we will see her at Ribble as she is running Link.

Back to the matter in hand then.......... I had a really nice e-mail from Ann Harmes yesterday saying good luck team! (woow I'm included in with Toni, Dave and Stuart, have to say that feels nice. Hope I don't let them down!) We will be leaving early on sat as I like to have a lot of time to panic properly in the morning :) and will pick up the Hudsons on the way through......from there on in it's anybodies guess?

So good luck to everybody at Olympia but especially Nancy and the NSNN (Not so Naughty Niamh (still not sure that is spelt right!))


Lucinda said...

Good luck at Olympia... Im sure you will do well =)

P.S Hope your back gets better.

Lucinda x

Paula said...

Hex was fantastic at WAG and I'm sure he's a star in the making.

Good Luck and have fun at Olympia, perhaps you and Nancy shouldn't go together as you'll make each other so nervous ;)

Ulla said...

All the best for Olympia! Will keep all fingers and paws crossed. I am sure you will do well.

Natalie said...

haha.. love the, 'she is running link' bit!

Ahh you sing too many praises Kai's way lol... Hexy was amazing! :) You and him are going to be the ones to watch next year!

Have an amazing time Saturday, will talk to you before! :)


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