Monday, 17 November 2008


Well we've done it.... Hex's first run in public. I have to say I felt so scarred!!!!
Hex was brill, we got E'd but it was very much my fault... The two problems we had wouldn't have occurred had I used my "Steady", but honestly I was so nervous I panicked and forgot. He sent on nicely and even put in a bounce or two. Hex was completely unfazed, and tried to go and set up for a second turn.

After that we did a tricky 5-7 agility course with the other 4, Paula ran Shy as I was too tiered after a very late night before!!!!!!!

Mac was winning the agility, first I ran Link (Mr no clears!) and surprise, surprise he did a stonking clear and went into second OMG!!!! Then I ran Herbie, and I have to admit right up to the line I thought I would throw him back and "go" for it, but luckily I found my sensible head and stopped all his contacts, he was fantastic, really listening which was great and he went into second place, lastly I ran Stihl (as jay is still doing building stuff) She was amazing, she is soooo fast, how I would love to run her normally, she did an amazing run knocking a whole second off Herbie and only loosing out to Mac and Spud ( a grade 7 dog) by 0.01 of a sec!!!! She flew! So at the end we had 2nd, 3rd and 4th and the people in 1st and 5th were also Anju agility members, so all in all a good day!

So nothing with Hex now 'till Dec when I have a WAG show oh unless I run him at our Anju show on the 30th?

Any way thank you to Paula for Videoing Hex at C-Side (the video went on to stand by soshe missed the first jump, but you'll get the jist!!!!....


Karen said...

Way to go Leah he is brilliant, glad you enjoyed your first run with him xxx

Ulla said...

Well done Hex and Leah. Was a great run! And well done to all the placings :)

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks