Saturday, 22 November 2008

Training day, Crufts, CSJ and the cold!!!!!!

Had a really good training session on Thursday night as well, I'm very lucky to have a really great and talented lot, who I can stretch (and they hopefully enjoy it?!)Below is that course we did...We mainly worked on running past things ie straight through the box long ways, from the weaves....It was good fun to teach, and was a good opportunity to really reinforce the dogs coming into their handler when called, so lots of play which keeps the mood light too.

The circled numbers is the course we did and the squared numbers are part of a sequence we did.....

Then on Friday I was very proud to be offered a sponsorship from CSJ, and so have now become part of the "CSJ Team". I'm very excited for the future!

Today has been a great day as far as I am concerned. Had a grade 5-7 agility training day, which I really enjoyed teaching. Had some FANTASTIC dogs on it, can't wait to watch them next year! Have posted my course up so you can see what we did....(it is a take on the WC 2008 large final) We finished with the whole course which everybody achieved really well......Mental note to self...Better watch out for that lot next year!!!!

The post man had finally been when I got home, and to my great surprise Herbie and I have qualified for Crufts, I'm so excited as I have never been before. So got a lot coming up!

So finally to tom (sun), currently it is -2.5 c at ours (well outside) and tomorrow I am off to Herne Bay to Judge a lot of dogs in the bitter cold, and possibly in the snow.... we will see, got some nice courses ( well my sort of nice anyway!)........Catch up soon.


Gina said...

Congrats and welcome to the CSJ team :-)

Ulla said...

Wow, a lot of great news. Congrats on Crufts and becoming a CSJ Team member!

Karen said...

Well done Leah, bet you are well chuffed xx

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