Monday, 3 March 2008

FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!

Firstly fixed my camera! YIPPIE! Apparently you have to clean these things! oops.
So now I have video evidence of Mr Murphy being really quite good! I went to c-side on Sunday, took Murph and my dogs (to watch). Murphy was really good. I decided to do quite a lot of heal work and bits and bobs to "try" and keep him calm (well as much as he does calm), I was a bit worried he might look for mum and dad, but he didn't (Sorry Andy!) here he is. Oh and I would like to add i released him each time!!!!!

Murphy jumping......

Murphy Agility......

Stihl agility (4th).........

Shy agility (6th).......

Sharon and Chip (4th)

Link and Herbie

My boys are doing really well (although it scares me to say incase I'm jinxed), they are getting back into jumping fitness and are loving being able to do agility again. Link appears to have NO wait now, not that it was good before. Herbie appears to be a lot noisier, although I' hoping that this will stop once he believs he will get to do agility again!


Continues to be naughty, but does show improvment each day! Loved watching agility yesterday, although poor Tiggs nose stuffered (sorry Sharon!)


Hex is fab! I love doing bits with him so much. So he was not exactly what I envisaged owning (looks wise as i'm a black and white, long coat person!), but he exceeds my expectations daily! He is so smart and loves to play, so will try, and learn anything for his toy! I think he will be a very head strong dog if i'm not careful (he already is!).
There will be a new Vid shortly, as soon as I can get somebody to film him, as sadly Jay is stuck at work at the mo' because it is his busy period at work!

It'll be a busy week as I have a lot of work on at the mo', also a few private lessons. This weekend will be Crufts Sat, so Jay will be left holding the baby (well dogs) GOD HELP US ALL!
And Sunday I have a training day that I'm holding.
Then the following weekend the show season kicks off yippie! I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody, it seems like such a long time ago when I saw them all last.


Sharon said...

Thanks for showing the video of Chip, didn't even know you had filmed him. I was pleased with him, just angry with myself for not being able to run in the agility as I was in so much pain.
Well done to you with Murphy, he was a good boy.

chafford dogs said...

I think you did really well considering!
You both did really well. x

Gemma H x said...

Aw Murph looked like such a good lad! Well done Leah!

Cant wait to see Hex again too :)

Not long till the shows start!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks