Wednesday, 19 March 2008

My birthday!

Well yesterday was my birthday. It was fairly uneventful, oh except Jason waking me up at 5.45am to open pressy's (he is a big kid about things like that!!!!)

Hex bought me a new set of channel weaves (what a smart puppy!!!!) oh a nd a lovely card of a stunning Black and white collie, and inside it said something along the lines of..... Happy Birthday mum, as you've guessed it is me Hex! This card was meant to have a picture of me on the front, but because I am so ugly I kept breaking the camera! VERY FUNNY JASON!!!! Jay and my family got me a load of art stuff! My dad got me a tripod for my video camera, so I'm going to attempt to tape Hex this week at class (all on my own!) The rest of the day consisted of work, then cleaning the house, training, and then cooking dinner! Luck me!!!!

Jay has said I need to be ready to go out tonight though, so we will see what happens!

Well back to the puppies.......
Link and Herbie both competed at Mid Downs, it felt sooooooo amazing to have them back (then Herbie promptly cut his pad Sunday!!! BLESS HIM!), Link worked at his normal erratic pace, but is jumping better! Herbie was a star as normal, I need to get back into the groove with him, as I lost him on a turn or two! I also ran Mr Murphy at Mid Downs. We had 2/2 eliminations, BUT, he did get all his contacts nicely and he did two great waits! I had real fun with him (thanks Andy), but will really miss running him. Stihl was a star (even with my poor handling!) she came hme with a couple of good places.
Hex worked well in his lesson, but decided to "sheep" his tuggy instead of doing a wait, naughty boy. He is really nice as you can switch him from food to a toy and visa verse, which is much easier than having a dog that will only work for one or the other!

At Mid Downs I gave Karen her picture that she ordered of the lovely "Tinkerbell" (a kitten I hand raised, and she adopted!), it was really nice as she seemed very pleased with it! So anyway here it is........
Well as for the rest of the week, it's filled with teaching and cold weather I think.
Was meant to be camping this weekend, but it all looks too cold now! Hope that Herbie's foot is OK (touch wood it is looking good at the mo!)


Paula said...

Thank the lord you've updated your blog, no one else has and I'm starting to go cold turkey.
Glad you had a good Birthday and what a clever puppy knowing what you wanted.
Love the picture.

Hudsondoglets said...

Glad you had a nice birthday!

Lovely picture you did for Karen. You're very clever.

It's so cold, I walked the dogs over the fields today and I took all afternoon to warm up. Much too cold for caravanning.

OBay Shelties said...

Gorgeous. Now I know what Dennis needs to get me for my next pressie. Too bad my birthday is not until November!

Karen said...

Happy Belated birthday Leah and the picture is gorgeous and you even have her hairy ears to perfection xx

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks