Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Today has been very sad at mums rescue, and it gets to me so much when there are so many litters of pups every where. Now this is only my view, and everybody is entitled to there own views, but below are a very small snap shot of the dogs my mum has in at the moment, many are puppy farm dogs that did not get sold, and had a very grim outlook. They didn't get sold because there are not enough homes around. Many people will argue this point and say they didn't get homed because they were puppy farm dogs (not all were!), but I wonder how many people conclusively know where their dog came from? (And what makes a puppy farmer? somebody who who is cruel and keeps their dogs in squalor OR somebody who excessively breeds?) To me it is the later!
Hopefully people wont get too p*ssed off with me, and I'm not anti everybody who breeds, I just think too often it isn't totally thought through. I think there are some wonderful people who do it brilliantly, but on the whole there are too many dogs out there. My vent has mainly been irritated by this poor dog my mum took in today.... Here name is Breeze, and she has come from Ireland, she is only very young, and yet she has already endured so much cruelty!

So anyway I feel I should do my bit so i'm going to add just a couple of agility super stars waiting to be discovered!

14-02-08 "Jump" is one hell of a collie. He has had a rough ride. In November he was at a pound and a rescue picked him up to home. They castrated and tried to home him. Owing to his very busy disposition and his car chasing habits amazingly the rescue returned him to the pound! The pound owners are lovely and just hoped we would come and give him a chance. And of course we did. Jump's behaviour is loving and busy as hell - manic yet desperate to please. He needs to chill out. If he were a person you would swear he was on speed!!! He is way too clever busy and active for most and sadly top agility people choose pups but this guy has the edge of a winner. He has the speed, the desire to play, run and work more than any dog I have met. So I challenge top agility people to take him on. Take him to the top, help train and home him, just give time as a thank you to the dog for all the pleasure he will give you!
To adopt a dog from Many Tears Animal Rescue you will be home checked, you and all members of your family and any dogs who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the new dog. If you are interest in adopting please call the rescue centre between 10am and 4pm on 01269 843084. We are unable to return phone calls so please try again if your call is not answered or email us at sw.vanatta@virgin.net.

14-02-08 Juxta is an 8 month old extremely friendly and busy collie. He is slate grey in colour and white. An agility home would be right up his street. I don't know if he has ever been a pet before but he would love the chance. He has come from the pound.

So here are a couple and if you feel you could help (even by making a poster for some of the dogs) then please look at the Many Tears web site www.manytears.co.uk


Mand said...

Oh Leah, I don't think anyone can argue with your opinion. You ar right. Poor Breeze. Well maybe slightly luckier Breeze now she is in the right hands. There is months and months of tlc need there I guess. Poor little love. I do have a soft spot for the gundogs.

And ya know what if I ever got my hands on people that did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

poor little girl whoever did this to her needs to be shot IMHO, I hope she gets a forever home with someone who appreciates her this time x

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks