Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Whilst training with Nancy yesterday, we discussed start lines. Hex has always hated been handled too much, and although he is loads better it does set him on edge a bit. Because he likes to face me all the time, to get him in to position for my start line I have to handle him, but then he fidgets, so Nancy suggested a routine which would hopefully work two fold. One it would get his head into a working mind set, and two he would get himself into position, therfore eliminating the hands on stuff. i really liked this idea, for the reasons stated before, but also because Hex loves to work, and becomes fixated very easily so this gets him working with me and having fun from the off!
I have attached a vidoe of what we are working on..... He picked it up really quickly, worked on it for about 10 mins before this vid.

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