Friday, 15 February 2008

Training and stuff..

Well no training video this week (booooo!), but poor Jay has been sick in bed for 5 days now. To start I thought it was man flue, but now he has a temp' etc, so it seems he is properly ill!
Hex was really good, continued on with the norm in his puppy class, and today we went to Nancy's today and did some really cool stuuf!
We worked on "Charging" the clicker, this is very important for Hex as he is totally toy motivated, and i'm struggling to get him to focus on anything else when we are not using it! Like everything (oh except behaving!) Hex got this very quickly, and it reminded me how much I should be doing with the clicker as it works so well!
We then worked on him straightening himself up to get on the dogwalk. This was really good, and i'm ashamed to say i've never done this with my other dogs, but whilst thinking through the praticalities of running contacts, it occured to me that 99% of the time he will be doing them on his own, so must be able to get on safely if approaching from an angle.
We did this by placing wings at the bottom of the dogwalk, Nancy held Hex at a slight angle, and I stood astride the dogwalk. I then told him to "walk" and rewarded him for straightening up onto it. We then increased the angles. He was great and got the idea really quickly.

After Nancy tried to kill me (too much running!!!!!) I worked Murphey for 20 mins. He was really good. I worked hard at some of his quirks! I did some steadies, contacts, weave entries and grid work. I used the clicker for most of the lesson, and he responded really well, and did some really nice bits, and some extremly tight turns! I adore running him, and I love the "challenge" of getting consistancy out of him!............ Talking of which, last night was Herbie and Links first step back to agility, they both did 4 mini jumps in a straight. All went well so this will be repeated and slowly up'd. It's really exciting to be able to start doing stuff with them, so fingers crossed.

Sunday I have a training day with Dawn Weaver and Murphey. I'm really looking forward to this...... I will let you know how it goes.


Sharon said...

Can't believe no video - how dare he be ill. Sounds like you are both having fun.

Mand said...

Glad to hear Herbie and Link are on there way back... fingers crossed!!

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