Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Week 5 and the weekend...

Well firstly it's been so nice to have some lovely weather finally!

Hex's agility training is coming on so well. He is full of confidence and seems very bright, will normally pick something up after the first go! (Scarry for me as I quite often get it wrong until the 3rd go!) I have included week 5 training below.......

On friday I went for a lovely long walk with Nancy and her dogs. The sun was shining all was great in the world!

On Sat I had a relativly quiet day, catching up on stuff, drawing portraits etc.....

Sunday I was judging at WAG, again it was a beautiful, fairly cold, but the brightest sun shine. Jay and I decided to get up really early and go to the beach before I judged. We walked on the beach for about 45 mins, and the dogs had a great time!

Amanda wanted some footage of her dogs, so her and jay took it in turns to Video each other in the agility, so here are the results.......



Here are my courses for Sunday.......


Helter Skelter


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Sharon said...

Hex is looking really good. Just a shame you are using those horrible hoops which are such a punishment for the dog and it is putting him off his dogwalk hehe.
Liked watching the 3 dogs run your course at WAG.

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks