Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Mad dogs and English men!

Well at least Mad Kelpies and English Women

A few bits to write about firstly the title..... Yesterday I took a very short video of my foster pup "Riot", he is very sweet, but quite a wired little dog to figure out. He is extremely scared in some circumstances, yet completely over the top and manic in mostly everything else!
He loves to play with the other dogs, so here is a clip...... (sorry about 1) the phone ringing and me having a conversation with Jay and 2) how dark it is and how bad I am at videoing, but if I went in the kitchen he stopped!).........


Sarah and Leslie said...

Riot is still with you then? He looks like a real live wire...make Jay a great new dog????

chafford dogs said...

He is still here, but he is still looking for a home. He is a live wire!!!! x

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