Tuesday, 24 March 2009


What a great weekend.......The sun was shinning, Jay was actually with me and not working, and I got to do training both days!
On Sat I had a training day with Tasha, this is the second one I've done, and yet again I loved every second of it! Even Jay did!!! So that was really nice training in the sun.

On Sunday I was teaching (which I equally love)I had been asked to do a training session for a small group. It was a really fun day, we worked on Jump grids, weave entries and contacts.....Below is the set we used:

It's amazing how 2 sets of small weaves (ie 6 and 7) trough the dogs and handlers, it gave less time to get into position, and with the tunnel draws and blind entrances it was very interesting.

I also used this patteren at class on Thurs as I liked it so much and oneof my groups dogs cut fromone set of weaves to the next not really seeing the first set..........Bless.

Any way that was my weekend in short.

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