Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Hellish night

What a horrendous night!!!!!
Halo (as she is now named, although is affectionately called Alice!!!don't ask) decided to crash on me. She started to take a turn for the worse at about 12pm and then did a big plummet DOWN! By 3 we were in the vets, who felt we needed to just ride it out. At 6 she was extremely lifeless and her third eyelids had come across (for anybody with puppy experience you'll know this is BAD!!!!) We both kept fighting on, and I syringed fluids into her every 30 Min's all through the night. This morning she is looking a little brighter.
She did't move all night until she heard Jay come in, when she sat up and whinned, made a fuss of him then layed down again......She did the same when he left for work this morning, sitting up (at 5am I might add) then screaming from the moment he left!!! I think somebody has a crush!!!

So here comes the reason for Halo........(which we named her last Friday)

Halo arrived with my mum at a time of deep dispare for her. She was at a major low....she was my mums guardian angel of sorts, helping her to focus again!
She then came to me where her and her adopted brother bumped my life back into focus. She has fought hard to be here with us, and must have somebody watching over her, therefor Halo seemed fitting.

Today mum is picking up another of the same litter, apparently s/he has a front leg that doesn't look right.
It is a sad world, and sometimes the smallest thing can bring happiness! I guess don't over look the little things in life!!!!

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