Friday, 7 November 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Well I've been at my mum's for the last month working at manytears It was sooo busy but I loved every moment of it, I truly felt like I had done something great with my month!
Haven't had much time to train as i was so busy, but Nat came and stayed for a week (and was my salvation in the hard times!) and we did a couple of bits with Hex and Kai.
Hex is going really well, I'm very proud of him, although need to do a lot more work on his contacts, but they are coming as well. He picked up his weaves so quickly, and has a really nice action through them (will try and get a vid at some point!)
Entered his first show today aarrrrggghhhh!!!!! It will be Ribble in Jan 09, only one jumping class and the pairs, so I thought it would be quite a nice one for him.

On to Herbie....I'm really training hard for Olympia, being much more disciplined with myself and putting 110% into every run I do at training. I'm going to start jogging again with Herbie as well.
Now traditionally (well the two times we've been) I've bought Herbie or Link a "Special" Olympia collar, this year is no different, but I have found the most beautiful unique collar (that is being customised for my special boy!)...It can be seen here.....
The way in which it is being customised is as follows.....Silver Stars to show all what a Star he is? And we will create a unique mix of Turquoise (for good health), Goldstone beads (for vitality), Aventurine (for success), Carnelian (for courage) and maybe the odd dash of Lapis Lazuli (confidence)? And a little mother of pearl so he brings home the prize??

My mum gave me some birthday money back in March and I could never find something I liked enough to buy, but this is what I will use it for.

I will try and get some vids and pictures asap, but at the moment I am living in world war three (well the after marth of it!!!!) still a lot of building work going on!!!!!!


I'm Helen said...

The collar sounds lovely Leah!Hx

Karen said...

Ooooh he will look so smart in that collar Leah

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks