Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Week three training and other stuff...

Well time seems to be galloping by when it comes to Hex, but standing very still with Link and Herbie. Well maybe that is unfair, they are progressing well, but it just has been such a long time!

We have already had our third agility lesson, and scarily Hex just gets faster. He is quick to learn (must add to training notes!), therefore if I don't have a clear cut idea in my head things could go tit's up very quickly, so I have decided I will put my training plan (if that's what you want to call it) this way it will make me stick to it.

Here is week three's video (will try and get Jay to film contacts from the front next time)

So to the training plan/ideas:

What do I want eventually?

1) A confident, happy dog (excellent already there! he he )
2) Independent obstacle performances IE can complete the weaves on his own, or do the contacts to the criteria set.
3) Speed (another tick!)
4) Control (This maybe harder)
5) Excellent directional commands
6) Tight turns
7) A good understanding of jumping (not like Link)
8) Obstacle discrimination

Super loads of work.......


This is harder.... I have decided (after much to-ing and fro-ing) that I want to teach Hex a running contact ( I'm sure I will live to regret this!), so I guess the first step is to set criteria?

what I will aim for.......

1) A low head position
2) Not to break stride across the contacts (although I will teach a stop see-saw)
3) A set hit zone (IE where on the contact he must hit)
4) Front feet hit. I decided this as I feel if he is allowed to hit with any foot on any point of the contact it will be very hit and miss, where as if he has to hit within a hit zone, with his front feet only, it should create a much more accurate behavior (hopefully).
5) Tight turns off contacts, or a good send on

So to be able to run (and not get eliminated constantly) I must teach Hex good obstacle discrimination and accurate left and rights.

I plan to do a lot of grid work with him, so he understands how to jump, and can see a stride.

Well I've probably forgotten loads, but if I have I will update it later!

So back to today. I went for a lovely walk this morning, it's really nice as Link and Herbie are able to come again, even though they can't go mad. It was beautiful and sunny, and by the time I got back I was boiling. The dogs had a great time playing chase, and delving through the under growth. By the time we got in they were all pooped, and have been flat out.
I have had to wait in all afternoon for the chimney sweep (who still hasn't been!) as yesterday Jay kindly lit the fire in the morning (as this is the only heating for the whole house), and by the time I got back from work the house was filled with smoke, so anyway I hope they turn up soon, as it is getting cold and I can't light the fire!
Tonight we have training with Nancy and Andy, I can't wait as I get to run the wonderful Murph. Then tomorrow I have the dentist (yuck!) and then a lesson with Hex at Nancy's, so we are looking forward to that. Thurs and Fri are full of agility lessons and then Sat and Sun morning I have an agility clinic, which I am holding, after that on Sunday afternoon I have an FCI training day, which will be great, so all in all a pretty busy week!


OBay Shelties said...

What's an FCI training day?

chafford dogs said...

Nancy and Andy are doing a training day with FCI type courses. Dartford are holding it.

OBay Shelties said...

Oh no one told me. :-( These things are never advertised! Luckily I have a previous engagement! :-)

Hudsondoglets said...

I don't believe it was advertised as it's really for the BSD's and those trying out for that competition. I guess Louise offered to anyone else at our training school as she trains with us on Tuesday evenings.

Anycase, Murphy looks like a curly BSD but I'm not sure if Stihl fits the criteria!

Murphy worked brilliantly for you last night so hopefully Sunday will be fun rather than a nightmare for you!

Sarah and Leslie said...

Oooh lucky you sound like fun! Much better than training on my own at home!
Hex is looking lovely, good luck with all his training, sounds like your going to be busy!

Paula said...

Think your plan is a brill idea and very well worked out. Mine just says something like 'run madly shouting TOM and here, here, here':)

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks