Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thanks a lot Bernadette!

Well it was back to training with Nancy and Andy on Tues. Had a great lesson! "You have no dogs!" I hear you all cry. Well thanks to Andy's generosity I got to run the wonderful Murph! Oh my god, I love running him, he is like a finner build Link. He is great fun, and so quick I have no time to think, I dare say that Nancy will tell me off for saying such wonderful things about the "wig"!

Any way back to the thanks a lot Bernadette.......

When people put up on their blogs puke inducing exercises, they should bear in mind us poor mortals, especially those who are borrowing very quick dogs!
After about 2 attempts of the "wing spin", my legs were like jelly and the sick was rising quickly. (he he he) No really this was actually a hard exercise, especially to get tight and tidy. I'm sure that had I done it with Herbie, he would flick out to the opposite wing as he always likes to turn away from me. So as soon as we are back training this will be a great exercise to try. I dare say my lot will have to try this tonight and tomorrow.

In all seriousness I love looking at courses and exercises, therefore can you all put more on please? :)

Hex has got his 3rd lesson tonight, can't wait. I am really enjoying running/training him. Was thinking I should really write down a training plan for him... all the things I didn't do/teach to my others. Now the question is should I be a fool and post it on here, so in a years time you can all say "you said you were going to teach him that" etc, or should I wimp out and keep it to myself? (I know what I should do and what I want to do, they are very different!!!)


Hudsondoglets said...

Murphy works really well for you. Thank you for giving him a great evening. He was absolutely shattered when we got home.

All that said, don't you be too nice about him in public. Nastly little curly wigged monster.

Bernadette has a lot to answer for, lots of dizziness, sickness and in my case a bump on the head when I span into the oak tree. Hahahaha!

Paula said...

Thank God I'm not at training tomorrow, hopefully you will have forgotten all about it by Monday.

OBay Shelties said...

I thought I would click on your blog and then see my name! At first I thought it was a good thing....haha

Yes please post your training goals with Hex! :-) We promise to be only positive about his progress! That gorgeous boy!

PS You can run Murphy; I just want him to warm my couch and exercise my shelties!

chafford dogs said...

Ok Deal!!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks