Sunday, 10 January 2010

No excuses!!!

I'm not even going to try and get out of the fact that I have been terribly laps in updating the blog.
All of my 9 beautiful babies have now gone to new homes, i think i'm getting soft at fostering, it igetting harder and harder to let them go. Almost feels like they take a small part of me away with them. I suppose at this point I will introduce "Theory" (much to many peoples disgust on the name! Mainly MrsHudson and my mum!! he he he). Yes another failed foster. I had 4 of them come to me at 4weeks, they were born under a shed in Ireland. They were unhandled, more wormy than any puppy I have ever seen and had very low immune systems. Sadly I lost the little girl, she was such a fighter and tried so hard! Taz has been in at the vets for over a week now, but seems to be turning a courner. Teek Nat adopted and theory is here.......
I think that he will loose his white spot on his head. This is him at 4 weeks old, the day he came.

Tosh (Rest In peace beautiful girl! x)


Teek (at 7 weeks)

Snow and snow dogs:

Just liked the gate shotShy a rare pic with her ears up!Nat looking over the snow hole!Snow ball TiaStihl

mr Slink and the others

Snow puppy-very unimpressed with the coats!

Stunning boy-Herbiea lovely walk we had a week ago with Nancy, Karen, Bernadette and Elspeth. I only took the naughtiest three as there were so many of us!

I don't have any pictures of just Hex as he oesn't sit still long enough!!!! Any way getting late.....More later x x x


Natalie said...

Leah we all know why there is no pictures of Hex, its because you dont like him any more! Moving on hey ?? :p xxx

leah gardner said...
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Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks