Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A quick one...

Well a really busy week a head...... On Friday I am at Crufts with Herbie in the senior singles (uping the credit of the rescue dogs.....HOPEFULLY!!!) At this point I would like to thank Nancy and Vicky for coming along with me xxxx
Then Sat back to Crufts to support Jan in the Novice.....
Then Sun back to Crufts AGAIN to be a groom for Sian in the champ!!!!

So just a quick good luck to members of my class............

Jan and Teasel in the Novice
Debbie and Scooby in the starters
Nancy and Andy in the mini maxi pairs
Wendy and Cruise on the 4 or 5 days you are competing!!!!!!
Anne in the rescue dog agility.

And good luck to my friends...........
Bernadette and Zen
Dave and Dobby
Sian and Jazz
as well as all the others that are competing!

Other news..........

I believe I have a spot in a new agility mag........ (Have a look it's promising to be good!!!!!) There is a question and answers section in the first mag..... but more exciting I may be writing a permanent article.......Watch out Bob Sharpe and Lee windy!!!!!! (not really) Mine will be a training article/courses.... I am really looking forward to this as I don't believe our English mags have this! So wish me luck he he he........

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Paula said...

Come and see me on Saturday in Hall 3 I'll buy you a coffee.
Good Luck with Herbie.

Magazine sounds good can't wait to see the first issue.

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