Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My new alarm clocks.........

They may be defunked though as they go off every two hours!!!!!!!

The black girl is a cocker x poodle and the golden boy is a cocker. They were given to mum by a breeder as each bitch had 10 in each litter and these two were the runts and she felt they wouldn't make it. They are 8 days old today, mum picked them up at 5 hours old and hand raised them for the first 5 days (she did an amazing job, as it very hard hand raising!) I have now taken them as she has all the rescue to do as well. As yet they don't have names as I want to make sure they are dong well first. But judging on their lungs they are not doing badly!
We are currently on 2 hourly feeds and yes that extends all through the night as well.

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Karen said...

OMG Leah they are sooooooooo cute, you are so good at the hand rearing bit, I know as I have two of your lovely hand reared babies here I know they are the feline variety ;-) but I think it is from you that they get their special little personalities, these pups will be very very special indeed xx

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