Friday, 30 January 2009

Video diary

I have spent today (well a bit of it) going through Hex's training videos so I could clearly see where he is progressing, where I needed to work on etc..... I found this really useful as I often don't feel I get what I could out of him (and yes I know it's early days yet), but there are obvious areas I must put a bit more into (lots actually!), the problem is I am only getting once a week for 1 hour to train him, my classes are packed and so only get to do any agility with him on Tuesday nights at Nancy's (and don't get me wrong this is great, but just feel I need to put a bit more in). The areas that are showing up a lot (to me) at the moment are.....

  • Contacts- all three are not (I would say quick enough but it is more than that) confident enough. He scuttles rather than strides across.

  • Snakes-did the second one ever last week......NOT PRETTY!

  • distance work

Well that is more than enough to be getting on with! As well as that there is the general training, weave entries etc. Whilst doing all that I also want to make sure I don't let down Herbie, we have Crufts and the Europeans qualifiers soon, and I'm determined to get "a tune" out of Murphy this year!!!!! So a lot to work on.

Any way after watching all those vids I decided to make a compilation of bits so I could compare them quickly, it seems he is coming on OK, I'm sure we will get there (just maybe slowly!)

Here goes.....

This Video is of a friend and her dog Molly (she is a fantastic working lab). This was their first fun show, and since this (4 days ago) she has gone away worked on her weaves (which she now does) and taught her a nose target to help her contacts.....WELL DONE x

Lastly I wanted to mention my new puppy group I'm teaching. I felt very honoured when Nancy asked me to take their new puppy class (as she is training Zeki in it).... It is a great group that comprises of.....

  • Mist-BC
  • Breeze-WSD
  • Indi-WSD
  • Shadow-BC
  • Zeki-Sheltie

and soon to have Sara and Poppy the boxer as well (get your running legs on!)

We work on all the foundation work for agility IE balance, control and coordination (see Nancy's blog for clips. They are a great group, extremely motivated, fun and willing. Keep it up!


Sara Davies said...

Fortunately Poppy is NEVER going to run as fast as Link!!! :-)

Mand said...

Hm wasn't that WAG not c-side.. dozy!!!

Molly looks great.. oh and Hex isn't bad either!!

Hudsondoglets said...

Hex is fab and is going to be a star.
Our foundation class is wonderful and I really enjoy and look forward to it each week ..... as long as you promise never to make me run as much as you do on a Thursday evening. I don't think I could do that twice a week. Niamh and I sleep most of Friday .... only joking!

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks