Monday, 14 April 2008

The Europeans and last week...

Oh my god, what a week! Well last Sat' I went to Scunthorpe, drove for hours only to blow out at obstacle number 6 in the Champ! But I did get to run Jay's Kelpie, "Stihl", who was very good and got a 3rd in 5 Agility, and Herbie pulled off a nice 2nd in 7 Jumping, so not a totally bad day! The next day Nancy, Andy and Jan came over to the school and we tried out some FCI style courses (as I had the Europeans try outs this weekend), these were very hard, but we all got some great stuff, and it was good training for me. I had a great morning and it was really good fun. I then spent some time with them teaching push throughs (as I love doing them!). Monday I had a great training session with Herbie, and Tuesday he was even better. Thursday was Hex's lesson. He is coming on really well! I have a video that I need to upload, and will try and do later...... The contacts (truthfully are only about 75% accurate at the mo', but have made a few discoveries with him, IE DON'T SAY GO!!! as he just extends his stride too much!) Then to


We got up early (4am) and left by 5am as I wanted time to relax and do all the necessary paper work etc. When we arrived the sun was shinning, BUT it was bitterly cold. The course plans were up on a wall, so i had a look (then wished hadn't, as they were suttley trappy!) I love a good twisty course, and just hoped I could hold it together for four rounds?
I have asked Nancy to e-mail me to courses so I can put them on here......

Well first was the jumping, it was quite a small ring so you came up against the next obstacle quite quickly (including the wrong one!). Herbie produced a lovely clear.

Round 1-Jumping

The next three classes were agility, and only if you were in the top 30 dogs after 3 rounds (on points), could you do the last round.

Round 2-Agility

Round 3-Agility

Round 4-Agility

Herbie did two more great agility rounds and at the end of the third round we were in 6th over all.

The last round I just desperately wanted to do with another clear, and we did. Herbie was absolutely fantastic all day, despite his mum's nerves! In the end we qualified 2nd over all as one of the few dogs to do 4/4 clear rounds.

They are taking the top ten dogs (in the large) and an extra 5 wild cards, so we were picked!! YIPPIE!!!!!!!! I am so proud!

This is our team......

Big dogs:
Sarah Osbourne
Leah Gardner
Lee Gibson
Lee Windeatt (Bold)
Greg Derrett
Marc Saunders
Anthony Clarke
Nigel Staines
Alan Bray (Skylar)
Nic and Caleb

Gary Cumming
Andrew Sandercock
A lady with a schnauzer (sorry, forgot your name)

Wendy Fairlamb
Bernadette Bay
Helen Davey-Smith

I also know a couple of the wild cards.....
Dave and Dobby
Katie mitchell
Lisa and Chi

Well done to everybody, I think we're sending some great dogs (but I would say that!)

Any way, this all finished at 6.30pm, and I was meant to be in Carmarthen (for my Grans surprise birthday party, at 7pm!!! NOT A CHANCE!!!!!)At 9.15pm we rolled in to dinner, very hungry (not good at eating when I'm competing!), and tiered.

The next day Jay took some lovely photo's of Herbie (as my mum wanted some on her site) So here they are......


Ulla said...

Well done Leah and Herbie! Huge congratulations. What an achievment.
We might come along to cheer you on when you are in Germany :)

leah gardner said...

Thanks xx I'm so pleased!

Paula said...

Absolutley bloody fantastic!!!!

Sharon said...

Really Well Done mate. The piccies of Herbie are lovely.

OBay Shelties said...

Ok we need to plan EO training now! :-) congrats you had some awesome runs!

Karen said...

well done Liah and Herbie thats FANTASTIC :0) xx

Karen said...

sorry LEAH even lol

Johanna said...

Congratulations Leah & Herbie :o)
Regards from Denmark, Johanna & co

steph said...

FANTASTIC Leah, well done Herbie x
love the blog

steph said...

FANTASTIC Leah, well done Herbie x
love the blog

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