Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Bad weather, rescue dogs and life......

Well I hate to say it, but i whimped out on an agility show!!!! SHOCK HORROR!
The rain was just too much this weekend, and half way to Spring at Shuttleworth Jay and I decided to detour to my mums. I'm really glad I did as she is extremely busy, and fed up at the mo! She has soooo many dogs in. Well the good thing is that I homed 2 dogs to friends this weekend, so at least that is 2 less.
Whilst at my mums, Liza was running a new dogs agility class which was the same things as hex is doing, so we joined in. Well there are two things to note from this (for me!)
1)I hate doing agility in the p*ssing rain!!!!!!
2)my running contacts are cr*p! This one is harsh, but, I thought we just about had it (early days still, but consistent with what I wanted), but this was the first time that Hex has played out doors, and although he was not at all fazed with all the noise of the rescue, new dogs or the rain, he does/did do a different behavior on his contacts than normal. He offered a longer extended stride which meant 3 out of 5 times he either didn't hit the criteria area on the contact, or strode straight over it (ooops). It is something that I'm not hugely worried about, but I will watch as he progresses.
His turns off his contacts are coming on really well, and I'm very pleased with those. His straight line drive is great, and he has a huge love for tunnels!
In class he was introduced to the channel weaves set really far apart, he took this all in his mad stride, and galloped down them to his tuggy!

So back to this week, yet another busy one. On Monday I spent a lot of my day trying to help somebody with a rescue dog they are having problems with. They were very nice, and a very sweet dog, just a case of wrong dog for them, BUT, we spent nearly 4 hours doing stuff, like I taught them how to clicker train etc to try and save the dog it's home. It's now a waiting game, but I dog hope they stick with her, because I do think that they could make it work!
Then I ran Herbie at club, normally I would work Link as well, but as I have the European qualifiers in two weeks, I thought it best to concentrate on Herbie. He was extremly head strong last night, and I felt that I was fighting with him all the time, so we will see how it goes tonight?

Got a couple of private lessons, lots of normal classes, and then Sunny Scunny on Sat. Hopefully the weather will be good.

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Who are you calling normal :)

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