Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Week 2 of hex's lessons and other stuff.

Well already we have done our 2nd lesson. Hex has now found a new enthusiasm for agility (if that is possible with an already MAD merle!). We are having great fun in our lessons, although I can see that my "wait" could slip fairly quickly, so as you can see in the vid, I do not allow the slightest foot movement, hopefully it will sink in?

At the weekend we went to Ribble. I really like this show, but have to admit I found it quite hard not to run a dog (as my two are still off). Jay did well, he handled Stihl really nicely, and finally didn't allow any creeping on the start line, subsequently he had brill waits all day!
Shy found a new speed (not bad for an 8yr old dog!), and got placed in each of her classes.
I spent my time getting Hex to focus on me whilst there is a lot going on (which he did really well!) and doing some waits outside the rings (again he was very good!).

Whilst we were at Ribble I got a lot of comments like "what's happened to your dog, he is so ugly now!", quite harsh I feel, I know I'm the first to say he is an ugly duckling, but he is my dog so that is OK, felt quite bad for him by the end of the day, if his tail would stay down he'd look great, oh well.

So anyway we are back to training at Hilders Farm tonight, I will take Hex and work some more on his waits whilst I watch.

Link and Herbie's feet seem to be getting better, we even got to go for a beautiful walk on the Ashdown forest on Sun, they both had to stay on the lead, but it was nice seeing them out again! If they continue to do well hopefully they will be back competing around March time.


OBay Shelties said...

I promise to tell you how lovely Hex is when I see him next! Don't worry they are all jealous; they want a Hex too! :-)

Mand said...

Aw Leah, tis not fair to call him ugly. Would be better though if he was black and white lol. But he isn't ugly. And what is it about beauty and eye of the beholder!!

Karen said...

Some people are just sooooo rude, he is def. NOT an UG BUG kxx

Sarah and Leslie said...

Awww wish i hadn't called him a large JRT on the forum now, I was only joking! He's not ugly, he'll have to say hello to Emmy cause everyone thinks she's funny looking too!

chafford dogs said...

It's ok Sarah, I don't mind people I know, but people I had never even met were telling me! :)

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