Friday, 4 January 2008

Olympia and stuff.......

Well yet again I've managed to let my blog slip! But I do have good reason, I have had really bad flue for a week and a half now, which has now progressed in to Bronchitis (great!)
Well the dogs are great, Herbie recovered and we went to Olympia (see below), and Link has now had his pins removed and is starting to use his foot again. The vet seemed very pleased with his progress, and hoped he will be able to do agility again some time soonish!!!


Well we got there despite many problems along the way. It is obviously a very special place to get to and the atmosphere is second to none, but I was especially lucky that my mum took time out of her extremely busy rescue to come and watch me, I also had Jay, my gran, my sister and her boyfriend and one of my best friends, who could ask for better supporters?

Well the morning started with my normal "I want to throw up!", that didn't really stop, but I did slowly calm down once I saw Sharon and other friends.
Once we got going I started to feel better, for me Olympia's running order was a who's who of agility, and then there was me!!! I had no expectations of getting through to the evening, but was just thrilled to be there.
This year if you managed to get through to the top ten in Olympia then you get an invite to try out for the European Opens (which I would love to do!), so that would have been my ultimate goal, but I had resided my self to not going!

Any way Herbie and I ran 6th, personally I didn't like this running order, as you have no idea what you need to do, so you have to go all out, so that is what we did. I have to say that I think that this first run was possibly one of the best that Herbie and I have ever done, it just felt great!
When we ran we were the first to go clear, and 24 dogs latter we only dropped 3 places. I was ecstatic!!!!! Not only did we get to the final, but we also got an invite to the European Opens!

Well the final maybe didn't go as well, I let Herbie getaway with a bit of a creep at the start, and he knocked the first jump (which is totally unlike him!), I also under worked my dogwalk, and he left it a little early, BUT, I have to say that I had an amazing day no matter what!

Below is the video of the day, kindly taken by Jay. x

Other stuff

We still have Riot my foster pup, he is quite mad, and very noisy! I enjoy having him, but not quite as much as Hex!

Hex starts his agility lessons next week (well pre-pup training!) I can't wait. He is an extremely smart pup and just loves to learn, whatever I ask of him he soaks up! Sadly he still looks like an over grown JR, but maybe his like the ugly duckling? We can only hope!
I will get some more photos of him soon.
Well I think I'll get back to dying for now........

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