Thursday, 13 October 2011

New web site!

I have finally got round to doing a new web site for Anju Agility and all my training.... I am really pleased with it and would like to say a huge thank you to Jay and Mike for all their help! Jay has been busily teaching me how to use photoshop and Mike has showed me how to build a web site, THANK YOU BOYS!!! Now got to keep both this and that updated!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

More training dates

Saturday November 19th

Training day at Chafford Farm (indoor school)

9am-11am-Puppies under 1 yr-working on Control, drive and pre-agility foundations. Limited to 7 dogs. £25 per space

11.15-1.15-Puppies under 1 yr-working on Control, drive and pre-agility foundations. Limited to 7 dogs. £25 per space

1.30pm-4.30pm-European style courses and handling-Dogs must be able to do all equipment. This will be working on tricky courses and is best suited to more experienced dogs. Looking at how to handle a tougher course and working through Ob' discrimination and traps!- Limited to 8 dogs. £35 per space.

For more details call Leah on 07814 562996 or email

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ups, Downs, Fresh start and dates!

Well 2011 has been one of ups and downs!

The ups...

Herbie has been a super star making two world teams this year. He ran fantastically at both, but it wasn't our year. He has got in to all but one of the champ finals that we have done and has been flying in each, my handling in two and faster, better dogs and handlers in the others.
Hex too has been a star and now only needs 1 more win to be grade 7. His last win (grade 6 jumping) he blitzed by over 2 secs on second place WOW!
Theory is now out and about, he is extremely cheeky, and has taken a while to settle into working in the ring, but is now really starting to do some nice stuff.

Both Jay with Stihl and Myself and Herbie have qualified for Olympia in December, I can not wait, this will be Herbies 6th consecutive year at Olympia and Stihls second......roll on December!

The downs...

August was a sad month for Jay and me (as it was for many!) loosing Don Nunn, a truly kind and funny man. He was always so helpful and kind to both of us! The following week my gran was rushed to hospital, she fought so hard, but sadly lost her fight on the 2nd of September. Anybody who knows me well will know how hard this has been for me. I have seen my gran every week of my life, other than when I lived in America. She came to my house every Tuesday, and we would walk, garden and talk together. She was an extremely dear friend and I will miss her more than I can ever say!
Then to my utter shock 22nd September my Grandad from the other side of my family suddenly died. He too was a great man, kind, funny and loving. I can honestly say I don't remember him EVER being angry or cross with Hannah or myself. He too will be sorely missed.
Many new stars shining bright

The fresh start....

In April Jay and I moved. We have stayed within the area as we like it so much, so are able to keep in contact with all our friends easily.
The new house is great!!!!!! I am certainly very lucky. The house is much bigger down stairs, but upstairs the rooms are smaller, but there is planning permission to extend, but the best bit is we have a lovely big garden for the dogs and even better a paddock for all the equipment!
So I can now train my dogs at home as well as doing a few private lessons, which is great! I have got a lovely set of rubber contacts to help in the wet, so I am all set for some serious "Theory" training! lol (photo's to follow, blogger not playing ball!)
So with our new house I am looking forward to a fresh start, life has been testing to say the least this year and can only hope things are all getting better, not only for Jay and myself, but family and also dear friends who have also lost people/pets and have had a generally hard time.....Thinking of you all! x

The dates.....(more to follow)

So onto dates, I am in the process of arranging some training dates individually and with Nancy Hudson, I am also hoping to have Shaun Hunt in for some guest training. Here is the first, only a couple of spaces remaining......

Sunday October 30th 2011

9am-11am Puppies-Under 1yr. Working on Control, motivation, pre-agility exercises. This will run for 2 hours and costs £25. limited to 7 spaces

11.15am-1.15pm Grades 1-3. Working on general handling, course running, sequencing. This is suitable for non competing dogs but that do all equipment... Channel weaves will be available. This will run for 2 hours, costs £25 and is limited to 7 spaces.

1.30pm-3.30pm Grades 5-7. Will be working on advanced sequences and turns, directionals and exiting different equipment IE weaves...tunnels etc. This will run for 2 hours, costs £25 and is limited to 7 spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Grade 4's will be allocated as per experience.

Held at Chafford Farm, Chafford Lane, Fordcombe, Kent, TN3 0SP. Indoor venue.

please call Leah on 07814 562996 or email for more details or to book a space.

jay and stihl olympia semi final september 2011.MOV

Hex- 3 weeks - 19 weeks